Judith Grimes

I wanted to pass on to you and to any future customer you may have how pleased I was with the two gentleman that both sealed and insulated my home. They were efficient and extremely courteous. I feel they did an outstanding job in both departments. I was concerned about one bathroom where the sealing could be seen and the job was done professionally to say the least.;

The attic was done flawlessly. My older home is now insulated the best it can possibly be insulated. After all my research the product was exactly what I wanted. Both of these gentleman should be commended. The pride they took in doing a job well was evident.

In my particular situation, with the City of Austiin’s rebate, and now the tax credit from the IRS, I save well over 58%. I will recommend your company to everyone I know and feel free to use this letter as you visit with residents I do not know.

Again, let me thank you for a job well done.

May 2009