I wanted to pass on to you and to any future customer you may have how pleased I was with the two gentleman that both sealed and insulated my home. They were efficient and extremely courteous. I feel they did an outstanding job in both departments. I was concerned about one bathroom where the sealing could be seen and the job was done professionally to say the least.;

The attic was done flawlessly. My older home is now insulated the best it can possibly be insulated. After all my research the product was exactly what I wanted. Both of these gentleman should be commended. The pride they took in doing a job well was evident.

In my particular situation, with the City of Austiin’s rebate, and now the tax credit from the IRS, I save well over 58%. I will recommend your company to everyone I know and feel free to use this letter as you visit with residents I do not know.

Again, let me thank you for a job well done.

May 2009

Judith Grimes

On the basis of recent interaction, I want to express how satisfied my wife and I have been with AirTech Energy Systems and, especially with Mr. Charles Carroll, who represents this air conditioning and heating company. As a result of vast experience with this kind of business, Charlie has an incredible amount of knowledge about energy systems, which he is willing to share with his customers in an affable and thoughtful manner. Also, he possesses an uncommon integrity and honesty not always found amongst business people. We definitely would not hesitate to recommend without reservation Charles Carroll and AirTech Energy Systems for all your energy needs.

October 2009

Prof. Robert Brody